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Cajun Chicken for the Family

»Posted by on May 15, 2009 in Chicken Recipes | 0 comments

This can be an easy formula, it takes only approximately 30-45 minutes preparation some time and this chefs within 4-5 several hours, however the lengthier you retain this cooking the greater taste you have. Don’t let the preparation frighten you it is simpler than it sounds. I am just trying to be thorough, as well as well defined, to ensure that it could be nicely understood. Ingredients: - Cut veggies as described below - 1 large whole Onion - 2 bunches of Green - 1 bunch Parsley (cut these with kitchen scissors) - 1 Green Pepper - 1 Jalapeno Pepper - 1 chicken leg and thigh (per person) - 1 ½ cup oil - 1 cup flour - 1 Tablespoon Hungarian Paprika (this has more flavor, less heat, it is also darker in color) - Salt and pepper to taste - 1 Tablespoon of...

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