Raising Chickens

Getting Your Hen House Up and Running

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If you are starting with chicks then you have around 6-8 weeks to get your coop built. Probably less if you have them in your bathroom or garage – believe me you won’t want them in there for too long 🙂  The clock is ticking. Unless you are super talented at woodworking and building things from your imagination you would probably be better off buying some plans (or creating your own if you are that way inclined) or just buying a chicken coop. In most cases buying a chicken coop means either a kit (you get all the parts pre-cut, screws, and a sheet of instructions to put it together) or a craftsman will come along with a coop they have already built or their own ‘kit’ and put it up for you in your backyard. For obvious reasons the craftsman...

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What you ought to Know About Building Chicken Houses

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So you’re thinking about creating a chicken coop but don’t wish to spend lots of cash on house designs and building supplies. There are countless various poultry house ideas available for your own house The actual advised dimension with regard to chick nest containers is actually 15″ wide, 15″ higher and Eleven 1/8″ . A 2″ by 4″ or 2″ by 2″ panel functions nicely as a roost. Chickens seem to such as roosting higher within the coop through the night, and so i established my own regarding 4 feet off the ground. Chick coops can be created from the number of various supplies as well as such things as an old shed, discard lumber, PVC pipes, Fifty quart casks, or even different reused supplies you might have...

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A few pointers about raising chickens

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Raising chickens can be a wonderful hobby; within one small feathery package you get Entertainment – just sit and watch your chickens for an hour and you will see what I mean Eggs – perhaps the ultimate ‘gift’ any pet can give Droppings – not what some would see as a bonus but if you garden, or know someone who does, these can in many ways be as vaulable as the eggs Bug Patrol – not many creepy crawlies are going to survive when your chickens are out and about! They also offer many other ‘gardening’ types of services (pecking, scratching, digging) which can be helpful in the right situation (but not so much if you have just planted some seedlings). With all these benefits it can be tempting to just jump in and buy...

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Newbies Help guide to Keeping Hens – Poultry Maintaining Secrets and techniques

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Increasing numbers of people are into increasing chickens nowadays. You too can savor the benefits that you can obtain with regard to beginning your very own poultry farm. Should you appear to be unaware of things that are needed to start such a rewarding pastime, newbies help guide to keeping hens tend to be pretty much available for a person. You could start on your own however , you can’t ever inform exactly what challenges await you you will have to begin blind. Get more information at our website here! Maintaining chickens inside your yard does not have to become everything tedious as well as complicated. Just imagine all the compensation you will get for doing this. And now that there are numerous beginners guide to keeping chickens, the actual tips...

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House Chickens

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Chickens in your home? Many of you would not dare to think of it. But it is truly achievable. Actually, hens can make good inside animals for the kids but often it is more down to circumstances than from actively deciding to get a house chicken. Some chickens just enjoy visiting their people and will wander into the kitchen when they feel like it after treats or a bit of petting, but others are full time house chickens. One reason a chicken might become a resident inside your house instead of out in the coop is if there has been a predator attack which has left that chicken needing some extra care – a box in the kitchen or a makeshift accomodation in the bathroom sometimes becomes the place to keep her safe from the other members of the flock (who might...

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Keeping Chickens in Extremes of Weather

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Owning chickens is a great experience, they give you eggs, weed and keep bugs down in the garden and can generally make for fun and entertaining pets. Although relatively easy to care for,  extra considerations are needed for extreme weather conditions. Some breeds of chickens are more suited to certain types of weather and climates than others so before choosing your hens do some research on what types of hens would be best suited to your area – for example if you have very wet weather a breed with feathered legs may not be the best because they will constantly be dragging clumps of mud around with them, likewise a small bantam breed may not be hardy enough to happily live through very cold winters. Winter In the Coop A hens natural body temperature is...

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