How to cook the perfect boiled egg

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How to cook the perfect boiled egg

1. Use the freshest eggs you can get hold of, preferably raise your own chickens so that you can have them fresh that morning.

Cook the eggs from just above room temperature rather than getting them straight from the fridge (keep them in the fridge but bring them out for 30 minutes or so beforehand).

2. Boil some water in a pan (I sometimes boil the water in a kettle then pour it into the pan) then turn the heat down to around half way then lower the eggs gently into the water with a tablespoon.

3. Decide whether you want your eggs soft or hard boiled and remove them in time to get the desired consistency (around four minutes?) This can vary so time this yourself and you’ll get the hang of it. Remember that the boiled eggs continue to cook even after they have been removed from the water so beware of this.

4. Peel the egg shell off by running under cold water (hard boiled eggs for sandwiches) or place in an egg cup and slice the top off of the egg with a knife. Add soilders (toast cut into strips).

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