You have to break a few eggs to make an Omelette

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How to cook the perfect omelette

1. Use the freshest eggs you can get hold of. Nothing is better than an omelette made using your own chickens eggs so that you can have them fresh that morning 🙂

Use a non-stick frying pan. I have a nice small frying pan that I particularly like to use for my omelettes. Crack some eggs into a cup and whisk or mix with a fork.


Photo Credit : Ed Schipul

2. Salt and pepper to taste and then decide whether you want to add filling. Things like mushrooms, bacon, sausages must be cooked before the egg mix is added.

3. Add light olive oil for cooking (not extra virgin this is too strong and seems to burn with higher eat. I like to cook my omelettes in light olive oil and butter….mmm lovely. Use a high heat to make the omelette nice and crispy at the edges.

4. The French like to cook their omelettes so that they are runny, I prefer mine crispy though and well cooked but this is down to personal taste.

omelette in pan

Photo Credit : Pittaya Sroilong

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