How to make Chicken Yakitori (Skewered Chicken)

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Chicken skewered, grilled chicken. A common vegetable to grill with chicken is negi. Yakitori skewered with negi is called negima and is a popular kind of yakitori in Japan. Also, there are mainly two kinds of flavors: tare and shio. Tare indicates basting sauce, such as teriyaki sauce. Shio means salt in Japanese. This is a recipe to make tare-flavored yakitori.


* 2 chicken breasts, cut into about 3/4 inch pieces
* 1 medium negi, cut into about 3/4 inch pieces
* 1 Tbsp sugar
* 2 Tbsp sake
* 3 Tbsp mirin
* 3 Tbsp soy sauce
* *Bamboo skewers (soaked in water to prevent burning)

Thread chicken and negi on skewers and mix sugar, sake, mirin, and soy sauce in a small pan and bring to a boil on a high heat. Switch the heat off. Grill the skewered chicken and negi over hot coals until the surface of chicken turns white. Brush the skewered chicken and negi with the sauce. Grill until cooked through (until the juices run clear), brushing the sauce a few times.

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