Broody Hen To Doting Mother

» Posted by on Jul 23, 2011 in Raising Chickens | 0 comments

Here are some photographs of our new baby chicks 🙂

One thing I find amazing is how broody hens know what to do. Our first broody had never seen any other eggs hatch or other hens go through the brooding process. Yet one day she got all flirty with our rooster and the next she was camping out in the nestbox all day (and night). Instantly changed into a fluffed up bundle of hormones, dashing about trying to eat and drink and dustbathe etc. for a few minutes a couple of times each day. Other than being a chick herself at one point (hatched in an incubator and brooder raised) how did she know what to do? What was she thinking when the eggs started to hatch?

Isn’t nature amazing? 🙂




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