Chicken Nest Boxes

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Chicken Nest Boxes

chicken nest boxesChicken nest boxes are essential for raising chickens in your backyard or anywhere. Chicken nest boxes are equivalent to a home where people live. If you don’t have a home, it’s rather hard to live. It also a place where the chickens start hatching eggs. Thus, the better the chicken nest boxes, the better the production of eggs. As much as you should focus on the chicken itself, you need to focus on the surroundings of its environment. Making chicken nest boxes is your first step in improving the external surroundings of your chickens. Keep in mind that chicken nest boxes should be spacious, how would you like it if you lived in a house where everyone was touching either? Here are some guidelines for making chicken nest boxes.

Guidelines for Chicken Nest Boxes

As mentioned before, chicken nest boxes shouldn’t be created in tight spaces. Allow room for the chickens to move around and be comfortable when nesting. A general guideline for each chicken nest boxes is that allow each box to fit 2-4 chickens, 3 being the most optimal. The size of the box should be roughly 12 x 12 x 12 inches where the chickens are able to stand up-straight.

For the best environment, it is highly suggested to place your chicken nest boxes in a dry, clean and dark area which is a suitable environment for your chickens to hatch eggs. In terms of the materials in which your chickens rests on, there are 2 items that are used frequently. The first is pine wood shavings and the other is straw. These nesting materials provide a dry and clean area, and most importantly a comfortable area.

In terms of the design of chicken nest boxes, it is always recommended that the roof of the box is angled. The reason being that if it is flat, chickens will get on top of the box and start nesting there. Another important aspect of chicken nest boxes is to elevate the box. Many people like to make a small step for the chickens to hop on before entering their nests. Accompanied with the step, also known as a roost bar, is a little lip. A lip is a block that prevents the nesting material or eggs from falling out. Of course, be careful about elevating the chicken nest box too high or the chickens may not be able to get in their chicken nest boxes. An excellent tip that may add complexities to your chicken nest boxes, is to create a backdoor. This way maintenance, cleaning and removing of eggs becomes a much easier task.

Good Chicken Nest Boxes are clinically proven to have better egg production.

As chickens are animals, they are generally inclined to move around your backyard. It is recommended to fence off a certain area of your chicken nest boxes to prevent your chickens from laying eggs anywhere they please. Remember, if you treat your chickens well and give them well done chicken nest boxes you will get great eggs.

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