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We are their slaves – But it’s worth it

»Posted by on Jul 21, 2011 in Raising Chickens | 0 comments

Raising chickens can be lots of fun. They do require some care but it is relatively minimal. They need less attention than a dog for instance, but can be just as much ‘pets’ as one if you let them. The more time you spend with them you will find all their little characters and mannerisms, like the one who will almost elbow everyone out of the way to get to the mealworms and other treats (perhaps I should say ‘wing’ rather than elbow?). The other hen who will mercilessly kick out every bit of straw from the nestbox after watching you carefully lay it in there. You may have one who likes to sit on your lap, and another who will dive into a hedge if you even look like you might try to pick her up. The more time you spend with them the more...

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