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Keeping of chickens in Ann Arbor

»Posted by on May 15, 2015 in Raising Chickens | 0 comments

In June of 2008, Ann Arbor City Council passed an Ordinance allowing city residents to have up to 4 hens (no roosters) in a coop, no closer than 40′ from the nearest neighbors living quarters. Since then there have been some modifications to allow residents to apply for a 2-bird permit or a 6-bird permit (which are not for an indefinite amount of time and so need to be re-applied for regularly). If you are a resident of Ann Arbor check for the latest update to the ordinance here – if you are not a resident you can get an idea of the sorts of things you might need to agree to in a chicken keeping ordinance (and perhaps use it as a model if you are trying to get an ordinance passed in your own area) : 9:42. – Keeping of chickens. (1) Any person who...

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