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Keeping Chickens in Extremes of Weather

»Posted by on Sep 22, 2009 in Raising Chickens | 0 comments

Owning chickens is a great experience, they give you eggs, weed and keep bugs down in the garden and can generally make for fun and entertaining pets. Although relatively easy to care for,  extra considerations are needed for extreme weather conditions. Some breeds of chickens are more suited to certain types of weather and climates than others so before choosing your hens do some research on what types of hens would be best suited to your area – for example if you have very wet weather a breed with feathered legs may not be the best because they will constantly be dragging clumps of mud around with them, likewise a small bantam breed may not be hardy enough to happily live through very cold winters. Winter In the Coop A hens natural body temperature is...

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